Insurance Information

We accept most insurance plans (medical and vision) including those listed below.

HOWEVER, we may NOT participate with your particular PLAN. There are so many plans offered by these insurances that we can not possibly say with any certainty that we participate with your plan. WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU to call your insurance before you are seen.

Remember that only “covered services” will be considered for payment under your plan. It is important that you know what your plan covers, and whether you will have any cost-sharing such as copay, coinsurance or out of pocket for a particular service. Services that are “not covered” will be the patient’s responsibility.

Refractions, an important part of the eye exam, are not covered by many insurance plans, including Medicare.

If you are coming to us for a routine eye exam, please call your insurance to find out whether your plan allows you to see an ophthalmologist for a routine eye exam. Many commercial plans have contracted with vision providers for routine eye care, and we do not participate with most vision plans.

Insurance Information

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